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Rohan has been fascinated by the way human beings operate, and has been a keen observer since a very young age. Through his career he has had an opportunity to study a whole lot of psychometric frameworks, that he has used in his Leadership development and Coaching interventions.

He is certified to Coach & Counsel based on the following:

William Moulton Marston in his work in 1928 first presented the DiSC Framework. This is based on how human beings perceive their external environment (negative or positive – stimulus ) and as a result of which how they react ( proactive or reactive response). This gives rise to 4 quadrants characterized by a behavior each: I) D- Dominance II) I – Influence III) S – Steadiness and IV) C – Compliance.

Rohan has immersed himself in the study of Emotional Intelligence, across various frameworks including Daniel Golemans model. He has however worked most extensively with the TEIQue, or Trait Emotional Intelligence Questionnaire, is a psychometric tool designed to measure emotional intelligence. Developed by Prof. K.V. Petrides and Prof. Adrian Furnham, it assesses an individual’s ability to understand, manage, and utilize emotions in various situations. The questionnaire covers 15 facets of emotional intelligence, providing insights into aspects such as empathy, self-esteem, and emotional expression. It’s widely used in research and organizational settings to enhance understanding of emotional intelligence in individuals. Rohan has conducted the first Certification for this tool in India in 2013.

The Enneagram is a personality system that identifies nine distinct personality types, each with its own set of characteristics, motivations, and ways of viewing the world. It is a dynamic model, recognizing that individuals may exhibit different traits and behaviors under stress or in growth. The nine Enneagram types are often identified by numbers:

1.Reformer: The Perfectionist
2.Helper: The Giver 3.Achiever: The Performer
4.Individualist: The Romantic
5.Investigator: The Observer
6.Loyalist: The Skeptic
7.Enthusiast: The Epicure
8.Challenger: The Protector
9.Peacemaker: The Mediator

TypeCoach is a tool based on Jungian Types. The Verifier (isn’t considered a test/assessment) but a wonderful interactive experience to get to know yourself. The understanding of Personality types is further used into Coaching, Leadership, Influence and Sales, among other applications. Under the able tutelage of Shauna Skinner, Rob Toomey & Carly Toomey Rohan is building his muscle on this tool.

The Harrison Assessment is a comprehensive tool designed to assess an individual’s suitability for a specific role or job. It typically evaluates factors such as personality traits, interests, task preferences, work environment preferences, and interpersonal skills. The goal is to provide insights into how well an individual’s traits align with the requirements of a particular position.


Rohan Nabar, a global citizen, is currently based in Bangalore, India. He is on a mission to create a better world through helping individuals discover themselves. Schools, colleges and Organizations focus on learning skills, while not many focus on helping them discovering themselves, in other words, being ‘Self Aware’. His two decade long work career has been invested in helping young, mid-career and senior professionals, choose align and switch careers to live a more meaningful life through discovering themselves. Through his career he continues to learn and in turn help others decode Leadership, Coaching, Happiness, Design Thinking, Customer Obsession, Culture awareness and Personal Branding for their personal development and towards creating Business Impact.

Over his two decade long career he has led corporate L&OD, consulting customer success teams across India, APAC and Europe. He currently heads Talent Development & Learning at one of India’s largest private employers Quess Corp. Here he is responsible for building a learning organization through the levers of Leadership development, succession planning, digital learning, diversity equity and inclusion. In the past he has lead global teams at the ZEISS Group, Larsen & Toubro Group, Thomas International, EmmayHR (acquired by Ranstad NV) and IMS Learning Resources.

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